Item List View Columns

I am working with ErpNext v8 in production mode and I have started to import data into Items. As I was doing this I found the need to adjust the column width. See below:

I attempted to do this by customising the Item form, but the adjustments don’t have any effect on altering the width. It seems like the Item Name, Status and Item Code are hard coded, as the List View check box is not selected in the Customisation Form for these elements. Only the Item Group is select in List View, however I am still not able to accomplish any alterations to the width of the columns and I tried a number of combinations in the Customisation Form.

My question is, how do I adjust the column width such that more of the Item Name is visible? As can be seen from the image there is a lot of wasted space around Item Group, and data from Item Name is truncated.


Sorry as this feature is not customizable from the frontend. Can you please add Github Issue for the feature suggestion to make column width customizable in ERPNext.

For now, you can create a Custom Report based on the requirement document and refer that report for the details.

Hi @ArundhatiS,

Custom Reports would not work as the Item is where all the interaction occurs. If I was to go about altering this in the backend, how involved would that be? Can you point me in the right direction, so I don’t spend so much time analysing the code. How is the column width calculated?


Did u find the solution of right place to change the column width in order to add more columns in the list view?

Unfortunately, I didn’t find a solution. To be frank, I haven’t had a chance to play around too much with it. I will be getting back onto this Early next year. I’ll be sure to report back if I do. For now you’ll have to see if the developers can give you any guidelines.

Hey @zpet, found a solution?