Item List View - Field name is not selectable

I am having a weird error which is when I am trying to open the Item List View I am getting “Field name is not selectable”.

I think this is due to an invalid filter that I somehow managed to set. Undortunately I can not clear that filter so I am forever stuck with not having an Item List View.

Here is my question: Where is the information of what filters are set stored in the database? I would like to go in and clear that setting so I can be back to normal.

Unfortunately as I explained the name filter is not removable because it’s not there.


Now my Sales Order List View doesn’t work anymore either.

Which ERPNext and Frappe version do you use?

Nothing in the tabList too for this.

develop branch fro frappe and erpenext:

erpnext : commit b0d0b7a808dc489fb3aa4e469b667ee9cb6c0b55
frappe : commit 022e89cc9fe8c0ef2da9b2750ec669afbbc38bf0


To clear all filters in the list view, open your console and type


@netchampfaris thank you for the reply, but that doesn’t seem to do anything to resolve the problem pleas see the GIF:

Just pushed a fix:

Thank you, this seems to have fixed the issue

Hi there, facing the same issue, but is not fixed with @netchampfaris solution. Is there anything else to try?

You may need to update your installation…just do a bench update from the console

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