Item List view for Suppliers

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Hi All,
My use case is , i want to show item list for suppliers ,filtered on items which has supplier = login user.
any recommendations please??

Could a Query Report be used?

My Use Case is as follows.
I am a user with role supplier.I want to maintain a stock of items in my inventory and deliver goods as and when needed.
But when some other supplier logs in , he should be restricted to see items of supplier1 .

So there are two issues. Ability to create a report with relevant Item information and restricting access to that report. Would the Role Permission for Page and Report , in Settings, in Users and Permissions, be useful once the report were developed?

  1. With the role of Supplier, you will be a Website user, you will then need the permission to access the doctypes for delivery, inventory as well as stocks on the web portal.
  2. You can maintain stocks in your inventory and deliver goods by checking the field Maintain stock Also add stock in your inventory as and when required.
  3. If you want other suppliers to not be able to check the items, you can add user permissions on the user. Check: User Permissions