Item listed given Valuation Rate but in reports its showing stock quantity

I have recently started using ERPNext

I have listed approx 300 item

I have trade business

I have given valuation rate but in system its showing stock quantity?

Kindly guide how to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance


Welcome to ERPNext Kashif!

Can you please elaborate your query a bit more in detail?

How Valuation Rate is Calculated for an Item

When item’s stock is inwarded via stock transactions (like Purchase Receipt, Stock Entry or Stock Reconciliation), valuation is calculated for an item. There are the various sources of rates based on which valuation rate is calculated. Following are the options which explain various cases where rates are picked from different sources for calculating the item’s valuation rate.

  1. Based on the Basic Rate / Incoming Rate / Valuation Rate entered in an entry, valuation rate is calculated for an item. In the transactions, you can enter item’s rate, apply taxes and other charges. Based on these values, Valuation Rate is calculated for an item.

  2. If the user doesn’t enter any valuation rate, then it checks for Valuation Rate field in the Item master, in the first section.


I have register item list but in stock ledger its showing quantity screen shot attached

My main concern is why showing in Qty?

Based on your screenshot, the qty is updated using stock entry. Please check entries in the stock entry section.

Thanks brother seems issue resolved ----

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