Item Manager Role

If I create User and give them the Item Manager role, this user is able to list the items, but if they attempt to open a single item they receive a “Not Permitted” notification. After this notification is closed the user can still browse and change the item, however on every action the notification still pops up.

I’m working on a fresh install of ERP 7.

Hi @zpet,

Item manager has the permission to read, write and create an Item, seems there is permission issue with another doctype.

Hi @rohit_w,

I agree. I started with a new Role and gave that role Item read access only, and slowly started adding more permissions and doctypes, but still haven’t figured it out. If someone is working from the development environment it should be easy to see what permission this relates to.

I managed to resolve the permission issue, which was related to the doctype Bin. By giving read access to this doctype the error does not pop up. I still have not fully analysed if this is generally an issue, as there is sparse documentation on what Bin actually represents other than a unique combination of Warehouse and Item. The database table holds attributes relating to Stock and Production.

Maybe someone can shed more light on this?

“Bin” is a internal document to maintain actual, reserved, ordered, planned and projected qty for an item within a warehouse. And these qty only reflects qty on the current date, to check historical balance, one need to check at stock ledger entry record.

Thanks @nabinhait. This is then directly related to the Stock Levels section of the Item page. Item Manager, as well as any other role that needs only access to the Item, should not need access to Bin as well. This seems to be a minor bug which should not be hard to identify.

Added default Read permission for Bin and Stock Ledger Entry to Item Manager role.

@nabinhait this does not really solve the dependency problem between Item and Bin. This issue will remain in every role that Item is required. Some of the affected roles are Manufacturing User, Maintenance User, Stock Manager etc. Giving everyone Bin access is not the answer. Something in the Item code is causing this dependency.

You are right, yesterday I was too lazy to give enough thought and find out the root cause. I will test it and fix the root cause.