Item name and quanity of Batch


I would like to see Full Item name and remaining quanity of all appearing batch. I tried form customisation, but unsuccessful.

I also want same in a print (with total quantity of all batches if possible).

Attached snapshot for referrence.

Listview is not designed for more columns, you have to dig into the core code. You can easily switch to Report view for more columns.

For showing more columns in prints, you can disable “Compact Item Print” in Print Settings.

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I only want Item name, quantity and expiry? Will this possible?

Also, in report only Batch Id & expiry is showing, I believe because I didn’t add any custom field.
Can you exactly tell me which type and what option i should choose to get 2 more columns in print?
Item name - (type) (options)
Quantity - (type) (options)
If it is as simple as I am thinking.

Better solution will be creating a custom print format using Print Format Builder. There you can just select the columns you want and save the print format.

You can set default columns for report view, using “In List View” property.

I can’t find my answer in your reply. Custom print format is only having 4 columns which are default. Batch ID. Item code. Date. Description.
How can I add item name and quantity in there?


@nabinhait ?

You can select multiple columns using “Select Columns” button in the Print Format Builder. Please check screenshot below:

Hi @nabinhait,

Please see attached snapshot, I found Item Name, but there is no column for Batch wise availalbe quantity?!

Ok, now I got your point. You want the quantity for a batch in the report. I was thinking you want that in Print.

Anyway, this is not readily available. You have to create a custom script report for “Batch wise available quantity”.

To know about the custom report, please check

Finally you got my point. But as I don’t have any knowledge for script, I don’t think I will able to do my self.
Thus I have decided to go ahead and appoint some one to do all necessary changes for implementing for my company. I am based in Dubai(UAE). Can you pass on contact info of any reputed and great in erpnext, local developer?

You can get a list of service provider in your region from here.


To accommodate values of more fields, you can use document Title as well. Check:

Also refer to the help on how you can have more columns displayed in the child table (like Item table in the Sales Order).