Item name in the production order

This issue seems to have been addressed back in 2015, but Why I’m not seeing the item name in the production order…

Please anyone suggest how to add the Item name for easy identification.


I can see the Item Name on my test account

Check your item name in the Item master

I tried a new one, but same result

This is the item Master for "ITEM-00044

Anything else I’m missing out?

Can you please share the screenshot of Stock settings.

Please see below,

Anything I’m missing?

My bad. In the screenshot which I shared, the item code and item name is the same.
So, the list view of Production Order shows the item_code of the item.

Anyway to rectify this issue?

Any updates?

Did u try to set item_name in title name on Item doctype settings? You can set in Customize Form

First I need to get the Item name to appear on the production order, so

To be on the safe side, I did this below,

created a “item_name” right under the description. But no luck.