Item Name & Website Page Name Conflict

I’ve been evaluating ERPNext for a few weeks and I came across a conflict I am having between the Item Name and the Website Page Name.

If I have a item with the following parameters:
Item number ‘100-101234’
Item Name ‘My Item’
Then the Website Page Name defaults to be ‘my-item’

I would like the Website Page Name to be ‘100-101234’ not ‘my-item’

I would like it to be this way because my products all have a unique Item number but the Item Name may be duplicated. If the same Item Name is used then the website shows only the first item created.

If I leave ‘100-101234’ as the Item Name then the Item List is just a list of part numbers and doesn’t show ‘My Item’ next to ‘100-101234’ and the website shows just ‘100-101234’ under each thumbnail instead ‘My Item’ - which is not very user friendly unless you already know what the number is.

Any suggestions???

I think pretty urls are classy, they are good for search rankings too - Can you name your other page as something else?

But we have been discussing this conflict for sometime, will be happy to get more views.

I would agree with the possibility of editing the website page name at will afterwords, like Wordpress for example had implemented: by default building the page name (url) with the item name but allowing then editing just the url.

Then should you auto-rename if the title changes?

No, at least not if the page name was edited. And probably it should be a warning message to the admin when changing the page name. Take into account that the URL maybe was sent in emailing or external engines so if it changes many customers may receive a broken link.

Maybe the perfect solution would be to let the URL to be changed and give the option to mainatin the old link pointing to the same content.

But just having the possibility of editing independently the page name and the item name should serve for almost all cases.

ok - can you add a GH issue for this. will try and include this in v5