Item Number saving incorrectly

I had an issue with Item codes not displaying properly before… Item menu displaying Item Code wrong it was fixed but in some new release I’m getting a new problem.

When entering an Item Number similar to XX-YY-ZZZZ it shows up in the Item Master as YY-XX-ZZZZ. I don’t get how this could be happening!

I do have a custom script running in Item Code to combine Part Number and Revision to Item Code, where Part Number and Revision are Custom Fields.

//set the item code based on PN and rev
cur_frm.cscript.custom_validate = function(doc) {
// clear item_code (name is from item_code)
doc.item_code = “”;
//item code should be part_number (rev)
doc.item_code = doc.part_number
doc.item_code += “_”;
doc.item_code += doc.revision;

It was working perfect, but now appears to be broken.


Further investigating these, there’s something wrong with the Items menu. I disabled the original part that messed up and tried again, but the Item list is displaying them backwards.

Here: 03-09-0001_X1.1 is disabled and 09-03-0001_X1.1 is enabled

but when I click on them, they’re the other way around…

Edit: Now they’re showing the disabled/enabled correctly, but clicking on 09-03-0001_X1.1 brings me to 03-09-0001_X1.1 and visa versa.

I was just about to recommend this system to a large company I’ve been working with but things like this are absolutely unacceptable. How is this broken?!

I think my issue was with the browser cache somehow. It looks like it’s working. Apologies.