Item Options with Upcharge

I’m just evaluating ERPNext to see if it will be useful for our business. I have base products and each of these base products can have a multitude of options - generating almost 1.2M SKUs if we actually tried to SKU each combination. So currently we don’t do that, we SKU just the base product, then on our sales order we “add on” the options (some of which have different costs associated to them, and some of which have variants within themselves). My question is, can we have items or product bundles which can then have options associated to them (do not want to do variants because then the system forces us to generate each variant as a separate item) ? What is the best way to handle this?

Thanks for any and all help with this!

May be you can create multiple Price List for the item. Based on the Price list selection in the sales Order/invoice, item’s rate will be fetched. For other details, you can insert Custom Fields in the Sales Order Item table (or Sales INvoice Item table).

Hope this helps.