Item ordered for marketing purpose

I bought promotional items and I would like bill them into the marketing expense account.
But I also want to be able to track down the quantities in stock so I created an item for it.

The problem is that even if I select marketing account in the invoice, it’s always changed back to Stock Received But Not Billed.
Maybe because I create a purchased order and a purchase receipt for it?

Any suggestions how should I do that? I would like to be able to track those items like inventory item but I want to bill them into marketing account.

Uncheck maintain stock from the item master for this particular item. Your expense will be recorded once purchase invoice is submitted as per expense account given in item master

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I just found that if you set the expense account to Marketing, it will be accounted correctly in the delivery note.

Disabling maintain stock is not the solution because you cannot track inventory level after that.