Item out of warehouse without sales order?

in my setup we will use ERPNEXT to track stock quantity and buying order, but not sales order.
how can i manage the product going out without make a sales order?
hope is something the sw can already manage…



thanks for fast reply, the link for useful but i don’t undestand what movement i should make, every movement want a target warehouse but item is going to customer, if i use a warehouse i will see them as in stock items, that can be confusing

Keep RTM …

I’m sorry, what RTM stand for?

ill ask question did you track the item out also? or did you track only the total quantity ?

Read The Manual :grinning:

we just need to track the quantity


wait, i misunderstood your question, we need to track that items are gone out

Create a warehouse location something like “Sold Items” and xfer all items sold to this warehouse. Make everything in that warehouse a write-off or some other expense.

If you are not tracking the sales, then your accounting is never going to be accurate anyway,so setting the warehouse location as discarded items will accomplish the same thing by removing it from the total business inventory. At some point though in the future, you may want to actually use the sales function and all that history of dumping items out of the main warehouse will catch up to you then when you try to figure out how to keep the accounting straight.

You could also xfer the items to the sold warehouse and then at the end of each sales day dump them all into a massive sales invoice to a dummy customer. That would at least keep the accounting close to normal.

Not sure how to help beyond that. Good luck. Your use case is certainly… different :roll_eyes: