Item Price automatically updated


I have a problem with some ERPnext behavior regarding Item Price. Example:

  • I have a Sales Order A (Draft status), I add 1 Item B for 100$. The Item Price is 100$.
  • Later, I change the Item Price to 120$. (Not in Sales Order, directly in Price List)
  • I submit / close the Sales Order A with Item B @ rate 100$.
  • Without any other action, the Item Price is back to 100$. (Because I submitted the Sales Order A)

Submitting / Closing is not the only way that this happen. For example, when I update the Sales Order Items of a Sales Order (changing delivery date or whatever) it also changed the Item Price.

ERPNext: v12.1.8 (version-12)
Frappe Framework: v12.0.18 (version-12)

Is there a way to prevent this behavior ?



If you want reflection of Item price to sales order then you have to either select Item again OR if you expecting any of the field get change then automatically resp item price should be reflected then it wont happen.

Hi @shraddha, thanks for your reply.

I am not sure to understand what you are saying. My problem here is if I save a Sales Order, the Item Price of items will be updated automatically if they don’t match their current price.


  • I have an Item A with a price 100$
  • For some reason, I create a Sales Order with this Item with rate 70$ (which doesn’t match Item Price linked to this Item)
  • I save the Sales Order
  • The Item Price of Item A is automatically updated from 100$ to 70$

It happens in various cases (delivery date, adding, removing items, etc.), all with our custom automated API tasks. Is this possible that our way to update Items (creating news ones instead using the ones returned by FrappeClient, etc.) can be the problem?

Is there any way to prevent the Item Price to change without manual updates?

Okay, so after some research in ErpNext code, there is this option that need to be unchecked so the prices are not updated automatically when the price of an item in a sales order is not matching his item price list.

It the Auto insert Price List rate if missing under Stock Settings.


HI, do the standard …in the “Item price doctype”, when you creating a new Item price for specific Item, just specify the UOM for Buying and Selling . so that you can update the price according to its UOM.