Item price based on cost or BOM

how can i creat automated item price based on item cost or BOM ?

Perhaps a Pricing Rule with margin would work?

In the pricing rule u need to price list base

This feature is very important

You can create a doc type with a name say “Cost Sheet” in which you can select the Finished Product with it’s corresponding BOM which will give you a cost of the Finished Product and then you can add up a margin to it and create a Quotation on the basis of it. This is actually a Sales Solution which we are doing for one.

Hello Hermant, your suggestion seems very interesting thank you for sharing the basis of this concept.

Any chance you could develop and provide some screenshots (if possible).

From the small research I’ve conducted this could be very beneficial to most small businesses and also to manufacture to order.

A cost sheet is a definitive must.

Looking forward to your reply

Hello Zenicolas,

Thank you for contacting me.

I do believe this is very beneficial for small businesses who are into manufacturing. We have done this for one of our client in India.

Just to know on how it’s done, I have emailed you a Solution document which is in a PDF format as this messenger doesn’t allow me to attached PDF files nor does it allow me to upload more than one image file.

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I’m also interested in this. @Hemant_Asaldekar could you share a bit more information on your method? Thanks!

@Hemant_Asaldekar can you share the PDF content as screen shot? many thanks.

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thanks for sharing.