Item price based on item variant

hi there i want to create different item price based on item-variant for example pizza medium should be of 500$ and pizza medium with some extra cheesse will be 550$ how can i do this?

Did you try creating a pricing rule on the item variant?

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I think pricing rule is for having discount or extra margin based on the quantities of an item(or variant). Not for Variants Pricing.

So in this case there would be an

  • item master: Pizza
  • 2 Attributes (Size (with Attribute Value: Medium) & Addons (with Attribute Value: Extra Cheese))

now, from this setup u create 2 Variants of Pizza

  1. Pizza-Medium
  2. Pizza-Medium-Extra Cheese

Next you create Item Price entries for these to Variants of Pizza above. I do not think the Item Master Pizza needs am Item Price itself as the Variants have their own pricing. In cas the Variants would not have a price entry, but the Master had one. the Price for Pizza-Medium & Pizza-Medium-Extra Cheese would fetch the price from the master (aka be identical)