Item price for some Variants based on particular Attribute Value

I have an item template that we are manufacturing with a couple of variants (based on 2 attributes: color and packaging unit).

the packaging work consumes quite a lot of the item price and the customer wants to buy unpackaged goods from now forward. So I want to create a new value for the “packaging unit” named “unpackaged”. All Variants with that value will have the same (lower) price then the goods that have been packaged individually (those have a different value for the Attribute “packaging unit”.

For now there is only one item price which is defined on the item template and applies to all Variants. As not a couple of variants will have the same different price then the existing variants I am wondering whether it would be possible to create only one item price for all Variants with the value “unpacked” for my “packaging unit” Attribute.

Like wise I can control the price for all those variants in one single entry.

Is there a way to set this up?

Seems like there would either be a discount when the item is not packaged, or a premium when it is. Could a Pricing rule work? Or can there be two items for sale, with the packaging cost added during the manufacturing such that the item is sourced from a material request, value of packaging added, then item packaged or item bulk , separately , for sale?

Not a solution , just thougts to consider.

Hi I am trying to implement something similar, was there a solution found regarding this?