Item Price List

Getting the error while trying to add price list in a different currency. Could somebody what is wrong?

Checked for the default currency - it is set.

Which version? If not updated, please check again after upgrading.

It is hosted.

I managed to understand what is going on. The Company “GS Group” mentioned in the error message was successfully deleted with deletion of transaction data but at the moment somehow remembers it and does not allow to alter price lists. What is wrong?

Please try clearing the cache and reloading using Ctrl+Shift+R

wiped cache, used another browser on the same computer - no luck. What’s wrong?

See settings at Website > Portal > Shopping Cart Settings, there might be the issue… Make sure that the company selected be the new creaated.

I had the same problem a few weeks.

You made my day! It worked! It is obviously a bug should be fixed.
Thanks a lot!

@inten was @umair who saved me!

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