Item price not fetched from price list


I am trying to create an invoice representing the notary fee for my company creation. The problem is that the price is not auto fetched from a price list.

Also, how can I make some items in an invoice exempt from VAT?

Kr Kris

Check if it has a item price for buying.

For items and item group you can set default tax template in item and item group master.

Hi Fadil,

I did create an item price. I retried today and it fetched the price correctly now.

For the Tax exemption. Do you suggest I create a purchase tax of 0%?

Yes. You can create a tax exempt template with rate 0.

Thanks! :pray:

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I have an issue now with an item that has a dollar price. The price is not loading in my purchase invoice, even though it has an item price… ps: my company currency is EUR

Fixed it by changing the currency and price list in the invoice