Item quantity in stock

Hi All
I want to show the quantity and the non-defealt unit of measure stock that entered the warehouse (no.1 on the attachment)

and that is through :

It is shown in kilometers and in an amount of .47 .
I want it to appear by entry: Unit RL/100 Y, Quantity 5 ,Next to the main unit

Thank you

I don’t want to show UOM STOCK
I want to display the secondary unit of measurement (according to Stock Entry ) Bro

My problem is like this :

anyone ?

You can still use the above approach but to avoid the 1.08 boxes issue, under the ‘Boxes’ UOM , set the ‘Must be Whole Number’ checkbox. @hisham_y

Greeting Mr. @mwogi
I solved this problem as follows:
1- Create a table that contains the changes that occur in the tables(Stock Entry, Delivery Note and Sales invoice).
2- Create a trigger when (insert, update, delete).
But when docstates = 1 (submitted status) trigger not fired
And when docstates = 0 (saved status) trigger fired
I can’t understand what exactly is the problem