Show Stock report in UOM different from default UOM

Hello all,

I maintain my stock in Units as default UOM but want my reports in Boxes.
I have entered the conversion rate in item master.

If you ask why don’t i just maintain it as box , thats because of conversion .
for e.g if 1 box has 18 pieces , so the conversion rate would be 0.05555… , but it rounds of to 0.056 , so if i do enter 18 units it will be 1.08 boxes which is not right , hence this approach.

now I want to be able to view reports in Box UOM but current stock balance reports only shows everything in default one.

Any suggestions on how can i achieve this.


Currently, stock balance on the items is available in the stock UoM only. You can use other UoM in the sales and purchase transactions for the reference of the party.

I would like to know, how can we get Sales Report with Sales UOM
Stock Ledger show report with based UOM only

any solution here ?

In stock ledger/stock balance report, you can see a field called include UOM, By selecting your required UOM you will be able to generate the reports. You should define the UOM conversion factor in the item level. System will take the conversion rate as 1 for the items where the conversion factor is not defined.


thanks for your reply

but when selecting required UOM , in the report its show original uom without converting with factor

hello @Nader_Adel
Has your problem been resolved?
Because I am facing the same problem

hi @kt2152

Has your problem been resolved?
Because I am facing the same problem

i solved by creating custom report ,

My problem is :

I need to add the unit that was entered in stock entry
can you help me