Item rate in Purchase Analytics


Referring to the Purchase Analytics report:
In addition to quantity and value, can we have a ‘rate’ filter in Purchase Analytics? It would be great to be able to see how the item purchase rate has fluctuated over time. The rate could be an average rate for the range (monthly, yearly, etc.) and document (PO, Invoice, etc.) selected.


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Please add this feature request as an Issue on GItHub.


Done. Thanks

Is this enhancement still valid on v12 ?
I cant see the ‘rate’ filter, only value and qty


Is it possible in the current version? Seems like a basic feature to report the rate at which items were purchased.

I tried to get it to work but if I didn’t miss anything, it seems to be not possible since the purchase rate is saved in the child table of the purchase order (which is not selectable as a column).

There seems to be a solution proposed in Re: Price History but I can not find the rate as suggested by @rmehta in the thread.

OK. I found a solution that works. You can get a report of the purchase history including the rates in the “Item-wise Purchase Register”.
Thread can be closed in my opinion.