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Hello again,

I wanted to bring up a function that I believe should be relatively easy to implement, yet would have far reaching positive impact on many ecommerce companies.

Use Case:

Every item sold for ecommerce companies needs to be able to have an associated list of keywords to each item (and for each language if the same master item has variations that are different languages) which then are used for lots of different purposes including the following:

  1. Understanding which keywords are active and which are inactive - these provide guidance to the marketing and merchandising department about the most relevant keywords which should be used to optimize the listing and for external marketing purposes.

  2. Keyword position ranking tracking like this software Open source rank checker for SEO | serposcope or SEMRUSH. It is a very important thing to be able to see what position a keyword is for the organic ranking for a particular item on Google.

  3. If keywords are deleted they probably just just be archived and not shown in active reports so that the old data is still available if a user needs to go “unarchive” a keyword and bring the data back to life.

This is the big picture vision, but the simpliest implementation would be a standard keywords field for each item and each varaiation of that item which can be manually entered or uploaded via a CSV. Many keyword lists can get into the hundreds and even thousands (at times even higher) keywords that need to be considered.

There is an arguement that would suggest using 2 fields:

HEAD KEYWORDS AND PHRASES - The most important keywords for a specific item which is typically less than 200.

LONGTAIL KEYWORDS AND PHRASES - The other keywords that are adequately relevant, but not as vital to the day to day opertion.

Most keyword tools have everything in once field and then terms can be sorted by ranking postion, relevance (this is something that a user can detemine on a scale of 1-10), alphabetical, etc…

If this is something that someone is interested in helping get into the core I am interested in providing the help to scope it and pay for it.

At your service,

Steve Simonson

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