Item reports and list show the randomly generated ID instead of the title

Owing to the business requirements, we have created a handful of custom fields that are unique to specific items.

As an example,
Item: Purse
Custom Field: DocType: Article Number using Link
Naming Series for Custom Field: Random
Title Field of Custom DocType Field: Article Number

By doing this, the custom field’s value shows up in the List of the Item DocType. But, the Standard filters and other Stock reports show the randomly generated Naming Series which is the ID of the custom field. This makes the system reports unusable.

How do we get the ERP to show the Title field in the Standard filters as well as Stock Reports?

In the doctype settings, under “View settings”, there’s a check box called Show Title in Link Fields. This might be what you’re looking for?

Was just looking through the docs and found this, which also might be of help. Have no experience with using this in my ERP though…

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Thanks, I managed to solve the problem by separating the primary key and the descriptor.