Item Standard Selling Rate vs. Selling Price List


I’m wondering what is the relation between the Item “Standard Selling Rate” and the selling price list?

When I create a new item and give a price to it, the new price is added automatically to the selling price list. But when I change the price of the item, the changes does not apply to the price list. Why?

Standard Selling Rate in Item master is only for quick entry shortcut to create price list when creating new item…After that, you have to maintain it under Price List

Are your sure of it? It’s a bit strange to have a “disposable” field.

In Odoo for example, changing the standard selling rates affects directly the price list.

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Yes I think its the design… Frappe team can answer this better…

Or you can add simple custom script to update pricelist when item is saved

It’s more of a UI problem. What @jof2jc said is right. You will have to edit the prices from price list for selling.

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Thank you both for your confirmation

@posttchi @jof2jc created a GitHub issue for the same right now.

There can be lot of improvements with the selling rate.


I agree that this is needed. We’ve been updating the prices on our Item master all this time and now realize it’s not actually doing anything?! We need to figure out how to make this better - 2 way sync.

I understand this is fixed in V11 by way of disabling changes to standard_rate once an initial value has been added.

But the 2 way (ongoing) sync option would be good solution, but if there are multiple price lists then it wouldn’t know which to update.

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I am still encountering this on V13, any work around on this issue? Our sales agents add their own item on while doing the quotation but this problem make things harder on our end because we still need to manually add items on the price-list.