Item stock availability on Sales Order?


It would be great if I could have a way to, during the Sales Order creation, know for sure if I have enough stock to fulfill it.

Currently it shows some colored balls on the left of each item but I don’t really understand how it works.

In order to know if I have enough stock I have to look inside the detail of each item.

For example, I currently have a sales order of 4 items. I know that one of them doesn’t have stock. But the 4 items show an orange ball to their left. Why is this? I expected to have 3 green and one red.


Hi @nununo,

-When you make sales order with 4 items then first time it will show with “Green” colors for all item.
-if you “Delivered” 3 items out of 4 then color become green(on both form sales order and Delivery Note form) ,and for one item it remains orange on sales order form.

I agree it was a good feature in v6. In editable grid view, it is difficult to implement the icon for the availability. Can you please create a github issue for this? For now, you can disable editable grid, if you want the feature.

Hi @shraddha, so if I understand correctly the icons are still there but the way they work changed since the editable grid was introduced, is that it?

I am facing the same problem.
Even though the stock for selected item in SO is available and the actual count data is present in the child table, the line item status color is orange which should be practically green in color.
This often misguide the sales user that the stock availability is zero.

This is because is sales order the item status color is bases on what is shipped and what is invoiced, not on what is on stock. User can whek item projected quantity into line detail.
in ERPNext it seems that sales process is very different from production manager or buying maganer.
To help this two roles, there is Production plan or reorder automated.