Item Supplier Details in Stock Item - What's It's Purpose?

in the Stock Item screen you can enter a Supplier Part Number for each Supplier however I cannot see how I can use this in Purchase Orders, Purchase Invoices or Supplier Price Lists so I’m left wondering what’s it’s purpose?

Can anyone explain what it’s purpose is as I’ve clearly got it wrong? It’s not documented in the manual. Are there any plans to make more use of this very useful piece of information such as making it a searchable field when adding products to Purchase Orders/Invoices and Supplier Price Lists?

-You have to unhide “supplier part no” field in Purchase Order Item
table. Go to Setup → Customize Forms and Select “Purchase Order Item” in ‘Enter Form Type’
and unhide that field.

Refer Following Link:-
-Frappe Cloud

Shraddha Ranjane
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

@shraddha Thanks does at least help show the number in Purchases Orders which is the most important thing here as that’s what interests the Supplier. They couldn’t care less what my stock code is.

What about the Purchase Invoices and Supplier Price Lists. These are the two scenarios where I’m likely to rely more on the Supplier Part Number than our own internal Part Number because I’ll be sitting here with the Supplier Purchase Invoice with their codes on it and I’ll either have to try and match to our Purchase Order, which is a little easier now that I can see the Supplier Code on it, or I will have to enter it from scratch as no Purchase Order was raised in which case I’ll be sitting there trying to work which product it is on erpnext as I can’t search by it.

I tried to add the stock code to the purchase invoice item screen however I can’t seem to add the crucial name field which tells erpnext what field I’m getting the data from. How do I this? I tried to also do this in Item Price and faced the same issue.

Would I be right that if I was able to get round the issue of adding the Supplier Part Number I could add it as a link field and then change the stock code to a dynamic link so that it picks it up from the combo of Supplier and Part Number. Am I getting what dynamic links do right?

Sorry if this all sounds a little confused.

Update. OK seen a reply to another post I had up which basically explains that because the Supplier Part number is part of a child table it’s not possible to search it from within another form. So it’s not currently possible.

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