Item Table in Quotation - Total Issue

Hi, I have added another Quotation Table in Quotation form, but I am getting issue with Total, please have look on screen shot for same.
red boxed is added table and blue boxed is default one. total is coming only for default.

Please suggest what i need to do to rectify this.

@Sumit_Arora can you add a screenshot of the customization you have done to add the table?

Please have look on below screenshots

@Sumit_Arora you have to write a custom script for calculating values in the custom table.

Hi @Sumit_Arora,

System uses the the table which has fieldname items, check below code

You have to make changes in this file and making changes in this file will broke your application.
Can you share the case study to add new child table Quotation Item which is already there on the Quotation?

Another example on how to write a custom script for the calculation.