Item Tax in Item Master


Im Wondering what tax table in item master does ?

i read the manual but didnt understand… even if i added it and create an order against the item the tax wont shows up…


I can replicate the issue in my test account as well. Will update you about this one by tomorrow.

hows this ?

hello bobzz, this is my example:

is this still not working i cannot get it to work?

the only way i can make this work is going into the quotation and changing the tax rate listed to 0 this will cause problems as someone will forget…

If you enter tax rate in the item master, you need to leave it blank in the Tax Templates. The rate will be fetched from the Item Master and only the Accounts will be fetched from the template. You only need to do this if your items (for the same PO/SO) have different tax rates. Else, you can mention the rate in the template itself and they will be applied to all items in the items table.

i have confirmed this does not work with:

Installed Apps

ERPNext: v8.0.8 (master)

Frappe Framework: v8.0.7 (master)

i went through and recreated this several times. on the quotation under taxes and chargers if you have a tax listed that has 0 rate then tax break out shows 0 rate on all items. however if you have a tax listed that has a rate of 8.0 you will see tax applied to the non taxible item. Change the 8 in the rate of the quote to 0 and then the item tax does what it should and calculates taed and non taxed item. we should not have make this change so i believ its a bug.

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This does work just not as expected.

We have the need for several defined account heads for tax.

You must enter all relevant account heads in each item master for the proper tax to work this will mean for some items you will have more than one row of tax in the item master tax table to accomadate your needs this was not clear to us until rohit explained the logic:

  1. Default tax template 8.625%
  2. Item tax set for Item A AH1 0% AH2 (8.625% is default you must zero outon this item) 0%
  3. Item tax set for Item B AH2 8.625%
  4. Create quotation where you will see default tax defined as 8.625%
  5. Add Item A, Add Item B to quotation
  6. Show tax break-up both items will have Item A will have 0% and Item B will have 8.625%

Same here. I defined SGST/CGST/IGST tax rates in item master and created Tax Template with no rate. It still does not import that tax rate from the Item master.

any luck with this issue?

Yes this a little convoluted what you need to do is once you’ve setup the tax heads then you go into an non taxable item set the default tax head in row one to 0 and then add second a row for non taxed head also 0.

For comparison here is a taxable item note the tax rate present here.

During sales invoice it applies tax to only the taxable item:

thanks! In my case, I happen to have different tax rates for different items… so don’t have non taxable items. What have you done in Tax template? Have you kept the tax rate blank there?

Basically then you assign the tax rate on each item with the correct tax head.

I used the second row for tracking and to compensate for the override if you didn’t not include both not the best way but workable.

Sorry re-read only the main tax head has an amount the others are empty sort of nulls if you have multiples for an item this would allow you to change at the item level I believe though haven’t tested yet.