Item Tax Rates For Multiple Companies based oN HSN Code

I have been able to use single erpnext installation to manage two companies with similar business lines.

Since when items were created it had item tax rate of only A company on issuing PO for B GST is not calculated we need manually select tax rate of B for each item so that it can be calculated properly

You can setup Itemwise taxes for the item master.
Refer the link below to learn more on the same.

Hope this helps.

I have defined tax rate for each item

  1. Item1 CGST-A 9% SGCT-A 9% IGST-A -18%
  2. Item2 CGST-A 14% SGCT-A 14% IGST-A -28%

Now If I am raising Invoice PO for company A it will work properly

If I have Company B which deals in same items & when I raise PO or Invoice selecting same items it does not calculate GST Properly unless I add Company B in Item Rate List It doesn’t Calculate GST

  1. Item1 CGST-A 9% SGCT-A 9% IGST-A -18% CGST-B 9% SGCT-B9% IGST-B-18%
  2. Item2 CGST-A 14% SGCT-A 14% IGST-A -28% CGST-B 14% SGCT-B 14% IGST-B -28%

Can’t we have a tax rate based on HSN/SAC Code as it will eliminate the need to set tax rate for individual items?

@deepakk pl read this thread

Going Through the link I feel its possible to apply a general rate structure and when there is exceptional rate like a cess mention that in that particular item which supersedes the general rate structure for the HSN code.

Also there is no reasoning that one wants to use 2 digit or 4 digit HSN code as duties like custom duty are always levied on 8 digit code.
If you want to still use only 4 digit you can always set length of code to print like left(code,4) in excel.

But this brings me to a point how can same HSN code have different GST rates unless you are using improper classification or 2 or 4 digit HSN

Also Please stop comparing with other software we are here to make erpNext better than the once exists and call themselves market leader ! The sad part is I am forced to use one and its quiet a Pain and I am turning in to an accountant from engineer