Item Tax Template automatic creation during version-12 upgrade

why did anyone feel the need to programmatically create the Item Tax Templates in version-12?
There are now lots of unnecessary Item Tax Templates with unwanted names and now we need to deal with them!

Isn’t this a feature that the users may decide?

Moreover, since it is assigned to the Purchase Order Items, now they are impossible to revert, delete!

I wouldn’t try to outsmart the user in an ERP project. Just provide the functionality and leave the rest to the user.

We must carefully review design principles and approaches to such development efforts.

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This may be due to an upgraded ERPNext, since the fresh install didn’t have any Item Tax Templates. Pay attention if the taxes are calculated correctly (make a test quotation or sales invoice). We have an issue that we do not get the taxes visible for taxated items after we added an Item Tax Template. All is 0% now even if it should be only for some products.

How can the fresh install know about the taxing in Turkey? It is clear that somehow a set of item tax template data is generated from existing transactions.

As a cloud users I was moved to v12.
All works fine so far…
But indeed, now looking into the new approach to define taxes…I find many automatically generated records …untitled 1, 2, 3 and so on.
Not very elegant

had clear from mariadb tables manually. Now I am rid of them but very shady way of updating and maintaining an open source code.

Hey, Could you share instructions how you got rid of them? I am facing the same issue

You just need to use mass updates on the table. How can I be of help?