Item taxes vs purchase taxes

i have configured standard purchase taxes as default, for some items, the taxes is differed from standard, so for those items, i configured item taxes, when i purchase them, the standard taxes show in the purchasing order, marked in red, i don’t want it;

is it possible configure tax as this, purchase 4 items, two of them standard, tow of them item taxes, taxes auto applied in the purchasing order?

I’m not sure from your description, but it sounds like you need to exclude the non-standard products
from the purchase tax rule “VAT - L”. You should be able to do this will item groups.

@volkswagner ,
sorry that i did not make it clear, let say item A has a special tax rate, so i configured a special tax rate for it, i also configured a default tax rate for common items, so when i purchased item A , both tax rates appear, actually i only need the special tax rate, so when this happened, i have to manually delete the standard tax rate