Item type as "Service" like in SAP Business One

Hello guys,

I want to ask about purchase request process in ERPNext and compare it to SAP Business One because it’s claimed to be SAP Alternative.

I was wondering how to make Item Type as Service like in SAP business One trough material request? Because in SAP Business One we don’t need to input item name and can use custom description when service type was chosen.

I’m not familiar with SAP Business One so maybe there is more attached to making an item of type Service, but in ERPNext you can just create an Item and uncheck “Maintain Stock” in the Item Master.

Furthermore, you can give every item a transaction-specific name and description independently if it is a service or a regular product. Just click on the arrow to the right of the items table in for example Material Request and change the name in the field “Item Name” or “Description”.

I hope this helps you!


As @P-Froggy says, you have to set up a non-Stock item. And as you make a purchase receipt (or Purchase Invoice with Update Stock checked) the item will get expensed out and you can choose which Expense account you want it to hit. This is at the item level.

I get my clients to set up a generic service (non-stock) item for each Expense Account they want it to hit. You can always change the Item Description in the transaction.

Are you migrating from SAP Business One to ERPNext?

Hope this helps.



Thank you for the reply,

I was thinking to used that method, i will try using custom form and field.


Yes, thank you.

For now, i will try those method and utilize some custom form and field to look like SBO.

I am not migrating yet and still trying ERPNext.