Item uom and inventory, pls help

Getting into the whole erp idea, like the fact that many things can be tracked but my needs are not being fulfilled or am I missing something?

I have a product which is sold in different types of packaging, I am able to setup uom to reflect conversions nicely by having
#1 kg = 1
#2 box = 1.9 (100 units)
#3 bulk = 10 (10kg bag)
#4 loose = 0.019 (loose items)

At any given moment there are pre packaged boxes and bulk bags yet the inventory won’t track those. Is there anyway to manage this in a way that I can track total kg and pieces of this item while being able to have stock levels on each package? As the factory can repackage items it will be advantageous to track this.

Thank you

If I’m asking something stupid please do let me know, or is there no solution to this or even a work around?

I do think your business scenario makes sense, per my knowledge there is no out of box solution.

Your stock is always maintained in terms of Default UOM. Even if you have Item in various packaging/UOM, the stock will be maintained and reflected in reports in terms of Default UOM or Stock UOM.

No report at present shows Balance in multiple packaging units.

If you want to see stock in various packaging units, you will have to create separate items and even BOMs to define the conversion, so that you can repack easily.

Thanks for reply, can I get some clarity on your suggestion?

Am I to, I my example, create 4 different items, each with uom conversion (pls assist as my brain isn’t wrapping around this one) and then somehow design a report to reflect all 4 under a “holder” item?

Will variants do anything for me? So far I have found variants to only make item creation with batch codes easy.

Thank you.

What I meant was, you have two options
Option 1: Use one Item and define multiple UOM conversions, in this method you will not be able to see stock in multiple Packaging Units since Stock is always maintained in Stock UOM or Default UOM set on Item Master
Option2: Create separate Item for each UOM, for example; a separate Item for Unit, Kg, Meters, etc. If you create separate Item, each Item be treated as a separate Item with different UOM, therefore you can view stock in separate UOMs, you can use one item as another using Repack entry. If you create a BOM to define the conversion of UOMs for example Item 1-Kg requires 1 Unit of Item-Unit, this will make it easier for you to make these Repack entries since you can now fetch items from BOM in Stock Entry

Variants won’t help in this case

Thank you, I will try this.