Item UOM Change

How to change item UOM after i made transaction ?!


Default Unit of Measure for Item cannot be changed after transactions are made, you will need to create a new Item to use a different Default UOM.

Hi @Hanigameel888

If it’s only a couple of transactions, best bet may be to delete them, change the UoM, and then redo the transactions


I made 150 Purchase transaction entries and now found out that UOM selected in the item master was wrong.

I have 266 more purchase entries to be made.

How to change the UOM of the item now? I can’t delete and start the process again. Please let me know any ways of changing the UOM?

You wont be able to change the UOM once you have done a transaction against that item. One solution is that you can create a new item with the required UOM. Do a stock entry where you will remove the existing item and received UOM. You can change the item name and item code of the existing item. Disable the old item once the process is completed. Please check with your accounts team also on the same as the one account will be debited and credited with same amount when you do this transaction.

Dont know if this will work for you - Try changing the UOM name? We edited the UOM name (changed Nos to Unid - spanish requirement) and it worked as system thinks it still the old UOM. Can create the old UOM again after that??? Off course we did not have any transactions in Unid before and all old Nos transactions now became Unid.