Item used in BOM

Hello all,

is it possible to see in item menu on what BOMs was that item used?

For example we have item used on several different BOMs, and when we go to that item we would like to see list of BOMs where it was used.

Looking for the same thing here. This deserves a bump.

Excellent Idea !!! I second that bump.

This would make it so much easier to plan new BOM’s that draw on current inventory Items.
You see, sometimes it is beneficial to add a currently stocked Item to a new BOM because the additional demand on the Item may help break through a purchasing barrier to get a new lower price from the supplier.

Then there are also times when a supplier may not be able to support a higher usage level and it might cause interruptions in other important products that we manufacture if we strain the supply line.

Planning BOM’s for new products is just as much art as it is math or science. It can be a delicate balancing act when you start taking into account all of the other products that might be affected by the changing usage rates of a single item.

I wish I had thought to ask for this a long time ago. :wink:



Yes and this is a feature that many manufacturing erp has, Solidwork also has this view.

Also if changes are made to an item (swap item or modify infos in it) that is contained into multiple bom, a notifications prompts telling you which Boms will be impacted by this change and whether you still want to make that change or not.

This is one more feature that will make Erpnext an even more complete manufacturing solution.



I think this could be a simple case of routing to the respective BOMs where this item was used.

any solution for this? I also want to see in the view of Item, in which BOM it is bult-in.
Maybe as a table.
Thanks for help!

Hi everyone,

I have found custom script here:

Then I modified it a little bit so I can see it in the report (with more information).

	refresh: function(frm) {	
		frm.add_custom_button(__("Find Parent BOMs"), function(foo) {
			frappe.set_route("Report", 'BOM/BOMs');
			frappe.route_options = {'item_code': ['=', cur_frm.doc.item_code]};	

I think that will help you all :slight_smile:

Created a feature request for this, I’ll likely work on this in coming month.

Comment on the issue if you have any suggestions: Item where used report · Issue #28665 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Hello everyone,

I created a item_type in create_new_item menu, we can choose the type of item there. When we choose the type of item I want to add a table that can be added what BOMs will be used for the this new item. And put those materials into BOM table(general list of all materials in manufacturing). Can you please share your opinion if it is possible or how can i do this?