Item valuation reposting in progress. Report might show incorrect item valuation


I have a few production plan entries made in the back date which created the subsequent work order and stock entries. After a few days I realized the BOM used in those production plan entries had issues with one of the items. So I decided to cancel the back dated work orders and the stock entries. I then immediately realized that I was getting a message like the following when I was trying to verify the stock entries in the stock ledger report.

“Item valuation reposting in progress. Report might show incorrect item valuation.”

My question is: will the message eventually disappear when the reposting is completed? Or it will stuck there and continue to show the message? Will it also create any problem with the item evaluation that the data cannot be reliable?

The message appeared for a few minutes and didn’t disappear so I reverted back to previous snapshot of the data.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

The message is shown in suck stock reports to let users know that the numbers they are seeing are subject to change.
If there is any reposting in progress, it will show this message. If not, it wont.

“Report might show incorrect item valuation.” means it might show outdated valuation rate at the moment. Nothing to worry about.

Since you cancelled backdated transactions or undid them, the effect on the future entries and hence the total valuation is computed via repost, thats it.

Thanks for the prompt reply @marination . I really appreciate it.
My question is:
Q1: Will the message eventually disappear after sometime when the reposting is complete? It took so long and didn’t disappear and I thought probably I did something wrong.

Q2: Will the valuation rate be correct and reliable after the reposting is done?