Item valuation reposting in progress. Stuck in queued since 4 months

Item valuation has been a frustrating issue especially after upgrade to v13. We started doing it manually in order to avoid accounting errors and losses.

Can anyone help me fix this queued Repost Item Valuation issue as well as incorrect valuation rates? How do I get Repost Valuation from queued to complete?



Your instance is upgraded till the latest release of v13? Actually, version 13 includes many fixes and enhancements regarding reposting

Yes, always up to date.

Repost Item Valuation role is to nullify the difference between Stock Value and Account Value. I think the best way is the following:

  1. Cancelling the stuck repost entry.
  2. Checking Stock and Account Value Comparison report to find the SLEs which make this difference.
  3. Making Repost Item Valuation entries manually or you can use Data Import Tool (don’t forget to check Allow Data Import in Customize Form.
  4. Checking again the same report if you still have the same difference.