Item Variant attribute

We have a variant that is having a change in one of its attributes. As, It seems we cannot edit the concerned attribute, we wanted to disable the item. When trying to so, We keep on getting message that the item attribute value doesn’t exist although it is there.

Can you help us out ?

@Manu share a screenshot.

Here is what we get ;s We haven’t touched anything in variants attributes and now we cannot modify the initial template or variant (like changing discount value for example)

What is strange is that this attribut value actually exists in the attribut item table …

CC @neilLasrado

@Manu I was unable to replicate this. Can you share screenshots of the attribute details table in the Item master and the Item Attribute doctype for attribute Max tensile Strength.

I got the message went i wanted to save after changing discount value.

@Manu little confused here. the error message posted earlier shows the <1200RM whereas the item attribute in the table is <750RM can you please clarify the same, so that i can replicate it.

Actually, all item variants related to this attribute table show the same error message.
I can provide another screen of an item with the <1200RM if you need.

Still this issue is affecting our operations.
We need to change brand of some of items and when we want to save, the same message appears…