Item variant details report no data being populated

I am using
ERPNext: v12.23.0 (HEAD)
Frappe Framework: v12.20.0 (HEAD)
hosted on FrappeCloud

The below report ITEM VARIANT DETAILS always shows no data… This is an important report for us as we need to filter out Total Sales order quantity for each variant of an item to help in the production planning process.

Please can you help resolving this error.

Look in Menu, User Permissions perhaps?
Does the user running the report have any permission restrictions ?

I do not think its a permission issue.

I logged in with Administrator Rights from the FrappeCloud console and still the report has no data…it always returns as a blank report.

Do any of the custom or other fields have Report Hide checked or In List View not checked?


None of the fields in the report are custom fields.

I checked the custom Field List and None have Report hide checked or In List view not checked.
The default Fields in Doctype Stock, Item etc. are as they were.
I reset the Doctype for Attributes to default.

The report still has no data.

Could the Item-wise Sales History be used instead? I can’t replicate the problem on ERPNext 12.24, hosted locally.

Item-wise Sales history is not helpful. Since Item variant details report has sorting of quantity with respect to variants. This really helps in production planning.

I am kind of stuck.

Was this the first attempt to use this report or was it working and then not?

I have never seen this report working. Since the time we started using ERPNEXT.

We were initially hosting on ERPNEXT.COM as a free account for a single user. This report was not working then also, but we did not need it so never raised a complaint.

Now ERPNEXT.COM free accounts were closed and I opted to move to FRAPPECLOUD.COM and migrated the data on the same version. (I tried to migrate to V13 but always resulted in errors)

Now works has increased so is our scope. The report does not work here too.

**This issue was resolved. **

Thanks to @jignesh_shah of GreyCube. This issue was due to an incorrect core doctype data variable; it was corrected and the data was effortlessly migrated to Ver 13. by them.