Item variant duplication

Hi all,

I have a scenario in which I want to duplicate a variant of an item because it has a different label and stock for some customers.

When trying to duplicate the variant, the system says that the attribute table is mandatory and it doesn’t copy the existing attributes from the original variant.

I allowed the copy in the item, item attribute, item attribute value and item variant attribute forms but it still doesn’t copy the variants when clicking on duplicate.

Is there another field to be allowed or should I just start back from the model ?

Thanks a lot in advance,


Hello Charles,

Even if you were able to duplicate it, you will receive a validation that two items cannot have exact similar attribute and template item. Will be great if you can identify a differentiator between these two variants and create new Item based on that.

Hi Umair,

Thanks a lot for your answer.

This is logical, I just needed a confirmation.
I will create an additional attribute (Client Label for example) for my item template and create new variants from the template directly.

Have a nice day!

Glad that it helped.

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