Item variant exists with same attributes

I have two item codes:

  1. Refurbished Laptop-Dell-E3490/E3400-INTEL CORE I3-8TH GEN-8 GB-256 GB SSD
  2. Refurbished Laptop-Dell-E3490/E3400-INTEL CORE I3-6TH GEN-8 GB-256 GB SSD
    both has same variant attributes
    Brand_New : DELL, Model_New : E3490/E3400, Processor_New : INTEL CORE I3, RAM_New : 8 GB, HDD_New : 256 GB SSD

I am getting error while adding 2nd Items. How to solve it, allow multiple unique item code with same variant attributes.


Add an attribute: cpu generation?

@smino is right if you haven’t added the CPU GEN attribute then please add it and check it. otherwise explore the documentation of the Item Variants

I hope this helps.

Thank You!