Item variant in sales order

Hello Dears

I`v converted a normal item to templet item that has many variants .

after a while we need to modify old sales orders which includes that code and i faced the warning message that we cant ( deliver - invoice - even cancel the order )

so is there any way to disable this function for a while to completely modify old sales orders and replace that code with its variants ??

Unfortunately there is no easy solution. Maybe just cancel / remake those which are in process.

ok but i can`t cancel DN or SO ?!

or how to comment this function to solve my sales orders problems and reactive it again ??

Thanks a bad idea, you will lose data integrity

Ao what can i do

I’v more than 1200 sales order and our accountant will edit most if them manually ?? What can we do ?

Tough one, I would let the old data be as it is and then transfer the pending stock to the new items / variants.

Ok but i’m trying to edit the entire data like
Item code
Sales partner
Because we need to generate an accurate reports for the past 6 months ago

And if i disabled this function it will not effect the entire data and also it will allow me to fix this issue for the entire data and replace all template items with its variant