Item Variant of filter also suggests variant items

Only required to show template item in item list filter suggestion .

The variant of filter will be only work with template item and not variant item . So,it is illogical to show them in filter suggestion .


Are you referring to the listing of template/variant item on the Website?

Currently, only template item is listed on the Website, with filter for Item Attribute and values in the filter. Based on the selection of values, the detailes (like image, description) is fetched for the variant Item.

No,what i meant is the item master list view filter

Think its important to show variants as well, as user might have to update some of the values in the variants directly. If you believe it should be possible, you can create a Github Issue for it.

If we choose a variant item in “variant of” filter,it wont output any record . It is ideally made to filter only template items to get variants of them ,right ?

In the Variant Of field, if you enter Template Item’s code, then it will list all the Variants of that Template item.

Right…and it is working fine . My concern is when my huge list of variants also appear in the Variant of filter

??? Still confused.

The result will only variants only, of the template item on which filter is applied.

If issue is still there, please elaborate with the screenshots.

I meant the suggestions in filter,not the output of the list…

Sorry for being vague

Actually, Variant is a simple link field of Item master. But given it’s purpose, we could show only Template items in the result and auto-suggest.

If you have resources, please consider making this upgrade. Or just create a Github Issue for now.

Please always elaborate your issue with some visuals. The guy on the other side is just not that involved or has context of what you are going through.