Item variant properties

Is there a way to have certain properties for item variants that don’t change when updating the template? For e.g. if we can have it so that the line with the variant attribute property doesn’t change.

I have a bolt template with diameter as an attribute. I would like to add additional properties that change with each bolt diameter without adding them as variants to the item code

I think attributes are not copied to variants, if you change it in the template. Can you test once?

Hi @nabinhait,

Referring to the image below, lines 1-3 are copied over from the template for all variants (which is great). Line 5 is generated automatically based on the variant item attribute (in this case diameter = 32mm). What I’d like is the ability to add some properties which are variant specific and cannot be added to the template. For e.g. Class: medium. Currently I can only do this by adding ‘Class’ as a variant (which increases the item code length). Also, if I add any properties to the variant they will get overwritten if I make any change to the template (hence removing the ‘Class’ property added by me manually).

I don’t know if I’m doing a good enough job explaining. Please let me know else I’ll try with another example.



This requirement is not configurable for now. Perhaps you can use Custom Field for updating such specific values in the variant.