Item Variant Route not created in v13-URGENT

Hi guys

I need a very urgent help. I have created item template and variants based on that template. Now when I check “Show in Website” the route is not created and even if I want to manually put some value in this field, I don’t know what could be the right URL.

Please help me. I’m in an emergency situation.


I already face the same issue. Can you please text me your details so that I can connect you.

Thank you


We are implementing erpnext for a mobile distributor, as mobile has different standard dimensions such as model,color, RAM and … the company needs to have a template based on which new items be created. Currently erpnext displays only the template in shopping cart products page, but we need shopping cart to show item variants created from template(not only the template itself). The reason is based on template so many item variants might be created but all are not valid ! Hence the stock manager has to create valid item variants and show them in the website for the customers. Since this functionality(showing item variants in item field) already is available through selling forms such as quotation and sales order, we want website product page to show them as well.


You can did the same thing by clicking on show in website check box. If the route generates then the same product will appear in your website page. If route not generating then you have to check the condition of route from customize form.


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The route that you manually enter could be in the format : “/your-item-group-path/…/item”
For example : /vehicles/bikes/unicorn
I am also currently facing the same issue of route not getting auto-generated.