Item Variants and BOM Templates

Good day everyone, I’m fairly new in the ERPNext world, and we are in the early stages of evaluating the system, so far we are quit impressed but I did have a question on the Item Variant and BOM Templates in V13.

If I have an item with variants linked to a BOM Template, is there any way to link the item attribute to a specific BOM Material in the templates?

For example.

Item: BasketBall
Item Attribute: Color

  • Color: Brown
  • Color Blue
  • Color Black
    Item Attribute: Size
  • Size: Small
  • Size: Medium
  • Size: Large

Total of 9 variants

BOM Template, my expectation is that I add all my materials (super BOM) and link the Item attribute to it, so when the variant is created, the BOM Template is generated with ht e correct BOM Materials.

BOM: Basketball
BOM Material: LTHR-Brown (Item Attribute: Color Brown)
BOM Material: LTHR-Blue (Item Attribute: Color Blue)
BOM Material: LTHR-Black (Item Attribute: Color Black)
BOM Material: VNL-Small (Item Attribute: Size Small)
BOM Material: VNL-Medium (Item Attribute: Size Medium)
BOM Material: VNL-Large (Item Attribute: Size Medium)

this is my expectation, but right now, when I create an item variant, the BOM Template is used a starting point and needs to be modified 9 times with the correct BOM materials.

Perhaps I’m all wrong on this or I’m doing something incorrectly, and if so, can someone point me in the right direction, how does the item variant interact with the BOM Template?

Thank you in advance.