Item Variants as Items

hello everyone.

Need some help please:

I need to make a variation of a product using another product.

My case is:

I have a package of some sort that allows the user to buy 20 services that can be mixed (lets say 5 Item A, 10 Item B, 5 Item C) but the items are not fixed, so the user can choose what ever number of these variants to use.

These variants are services that use other products / Might be called bundled products for easier understanding.

So my package would be:
A bundle that has variant bundles inside of it.

Is there anyway to do so?

Thanks a bunch

You will have to create multiple variant and bundle. Probably that’s the only solution.

Let’s see if we can can a better picture. You have created an Item in the Services group , and it has varaints based on what attributes?
You would like, ideally, to create product bundles containing the variants, but the number of possible combinations makes this unwieldy.

Would a pricing rule be a way to deal with it?