Item variants attribute value not show


I updated Erpnext v12.19, Frappe v12.16.3
The Item variants attribute value not show for new Variant.

Does anyone get same issue? And how could i fix it?
Thank you.

Anyone faces same issue?
I am using v13 released, still same issue.

Thank you

I’ve got the same problem on a fresh install of v13.

Right, even with fresh install v13 (OS, Frappe, and Erpnext production), same issue.

I am using Debian 10 if that helps. My project is at a standstill until I can figure this out so any help would be appreciated.


@JDG have you tried to update to latest version?

Frappe 10.0.1
ERPNext 13.0.2

I just did. It made no difference for me. Did updating fix the problem for you?

What about if you click on edit button, left arrow button on variant item ? Does it show the value ?

I apologize for the delayed response. I am out of the office for two weeks and only have limited access to the system during that time. There is no Attribute Value listed like in your image, it is just blank. This is on version 13.02.

If I try to create a variant the attribute values are listed in the popup but when I click create the new item page that I am taken to does not have the attribute values I just selected populated. If I try to save the new item I get the error “Item Code is required”

I also got the same issue, my workaround:

Install fresh v12, create items + create variant items, then upgrade to v13, now i can see the items + variant, including new variant item which are created in v13

It’s definitely a bug, i also reported it, but still no update till now.
I see few persons are also getting the same issue.

I was able to get this working in v13 by deleting the two fields outlined here (My field was spelled attributes not attribute).

This fix was not in the update released this morning.