Item Variants automatic grid generation

Hello again!

We have been adding Items that have variants such as Size (with 8 possible values) and Color (with 10 possible values). Then we see that we need to click on “Make Variant” in the template Item one by one to create the 80 different combinations for each Item.
Is there any way to create automatically all the combinations at once? (and then we could remove the few impossible ones, if any) Are we missing something on this?

Again, thank you very much and happy new year!

Easiest way is using Data Import Tool with Administrator account,

  1. Go to Setup > Data > Import / Export Data
  2. Then under Export Template > Select Type of Document to Download
  3. Select Item Variant
  4. Click on Button Download with Data + (Do step #3 & #4 for Item Variant Attribute template file download)
  5. Open both the .csv files MS Excel or Any Spreadsheet program, then do instructions provided inside those files to mass import data.
  6. Edit file in same format by entering your data in appropriate columns in file and save it in same format (.csv) and import using Data Import Tool

Similarly it same method can be applied for many other things.

PS: Make sure to backup your existing database to avoid issues further issues and easy restore.

Hey, I see this is a really powerful feature… It not only solves our issue, but it also opens a big deal of new ideas. Great!
Thank you!!

Just one little side-question from what you say: using ERPNext on SaaS hosting (that’s how we want to end working with ERPNext), we can fetch the Backups from the Setup menu, but how could we restore them? We can’t seem to find the way using the UI. Is there some kind of access to a command-line or something when working in the hosting?

I am not sure what is your question is, are You looking forward to migrate from ERPNext SaaS to your self hosted solution? If yes, we would like to know why?

No, no! We are evaluating the free 1 user SaaS version in order to upgrade the account and start using ERPNext for our enterprise. But we wanted to know how to restore a backup in case we broke something during the tests. And I can’t find how to restore the backup into the hosting installation. We don’t want to install ERPNext locally.

Restoring database and files backup can be done using SHELL or CLI access to server which isn’t available with ERPNext SaaS.

If you are using ERPNext on Cloud ideally connect it with Dropbox (free account is also fine) and if you find issue or want to restore anything then get in touch with ERPNext SaaS team and share with them, they will restore it for you.

Your ERPNext SaaS comes with backup and restore on demand but you should wait for or ask directly to team by emailing hello [AT]


@carlostmp you can restore using this: Restoring From ERPNext Backup · frappe/erpnext Wiki · GitHub