Item Variants needs prices

Team, first of all, good job! I can see your efforts are also resulting in more and more people adopting your ERP. I am one of them for sure.

The variants feature is something very cool. However for this to be really really cool, you need to add prices to it as well.

For example:
Item 5550 has a base cost of 1000 USD. If you buy the base model (5550-0-0) you pay 1000 USD. However if you buy the base model with a carry bag it becomes 5550-1-0 and costs 1200 USD, thats 1000 for the base model and 200 for the bag, putting in mind that the bag is not an item and cannot be sold alone. If you now want it with a bag, and it is red you get 5550-1-1 and you pay 1300 (100 for red color). Last but not least if you want it without the bag but red (5550-0-1), the system should understand that the price would be 100.

So you have 1000 for the base model, 200 if you add a bag, and 100 if you want it in red color.

I hope this makes sense.

The other thing is that most of us will be importing a table of variants to ERPnext, I checked how it’s structured there, and I see many tables that has to be uploaded! I hope you can change that so that we upload one table that carries all the information.

Again, good job, and best regards,
Ahmed Samir

@ahmed_personal Thanks for your kind words!

You can create a different Item Price record for each Variant. If it does not find a special price, it will default to the price of the Template

There are a whole lot of things we can do, its just a matter of getting the priorities right!

@rmetha I fully understand. Just out something like this in mind for the future. I agree that there may be many other more important tasks to be completed or perfected first.